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Professional Engineering Services

Desktop H&H Studies

Surface Water Hydrology

Open Channel Hydraulics 

  • One-Dimensional Modeling

  • Two-Dimensional Modeling

Hydraulic Design of Drainage Structures

  • Alternatives Analysis

  • Replacement Structure Sizing

  • Fish Passage Consideration and Design

  • Tidally Influenced Structures

  • Highways/Roads, Railroads, and Canals

  • Multiple Opening and Relief Structure Analysis

  • On Call Emergency Services due to Fires, Washouts, Derailments, etc.

Channel Stabilization

  • Degradation and Aggradation Control Measures

  • Meandering Channels

  • Stabilization of Vertical and Sloughing Channel Banks

  • Urban Drainage Channel Design

Stormwater and Flood Control Structures

  • Detention and Retention Pond Design

  • Outlet Works Design and Analysis

  • Reservoir Routing Analysis

  • Dam Breach Analysis

  • Mining and Power Facilities

Floodplain Analysis

  • Floodplain Mapping

  • CLOMR/LOMR Submittals

  • GIS Based Analysis

Dam Safety

Channel/River Restoration

Rainfall Assessments

Flood Documentations

Scour Assessment and Mitigation

Rehabilitation of Hydraulic Structures

Watershed Master Plans

Sediment Transport

Bridge Location Surveys

Permitting and Environmental Coordination

  • Federal, State, and Local Agencies

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Erosion Control Plans

  • Wetland Mitigation Coordination

  • National Flood Insurance Program Expertise

Drone Data and Video Services