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Dam Safety

BSE engineers have extensive experience in the field of dam safety, including dam inspections, identification of dam safety deficiencies, the full range of hydrologic and hydraulic analyses associated with dam safety evaluations and designs.  A summary of our staff’s experience is listed below: 

  • Hydrologic analyses for Probable Maximum Floods (PMFs) and other extreme flood events related to dam safety evaluations, utilizing the appropriate precipitation depth data including NOAA Atlas and Hydrometeorological Reports (HMRs) or other approved federal, state, or local specific procedures for recurrence interval or Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) on high hazard dams. 
  • Reservoir routings and evacuation analyses to size spillways, outlet works, and other hydraulic structures such as energy dissipators, stilling basins, and erosion protection measures.  Minimum freeboard analyses using a flood stage hydrograph and probabilistic wind data or wind atlas data have been prepared.
  • Dambreak and resulting flood inundation studies, incremental damage assessments, and hazard classification analyses.  Preparation of Emergency Action Plans, First Filling Plans, and Standard Operating Procedures for new and existing dams.
  • The design of hydraulic structures for new dams and rehabilitation for existing dams, including preparation of drawings and specifications.
  • Reservoir management and water supply system analysis, including water balance management in reservoir and conveyance systems and reservoir siting studies for increasing system supply.
  • Safety inspections for hundreds of dams, from small to large and low-hazard to high-hazard, for federal, state, and local agencies as well as private clients across the country.  Experience in coordinating these efforts with multiple stakeholders including regulatory agencies, dam owners, operators, and water lessees.  Experience includes routine periodic inspections as well as emergency post-flood condition inspections.