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Mining and Power Facilities

BSE engineers are experienced with the unique water resources aspects of mining and power generation facilities, both within the United States and overseas. These skills include storm water management, hydraulic structure design, and environmental considerations. A summary of our staff’s experience is listed below:


  • Storm water management analyses for mining facilities including the design of channels, ponds, downchutes, pumping systems, underdrains, stilling basins, diversion berms, culverts, pipelines, erosion control measures, and hydraulic structures for both surface and groundwater flows for mine development, operations and reclamation conditions.
  • Watershed-wide environmental protection projects from permit applications through construction, including design of erosion control measures using BMPs and evaluation of stormwater impacts during various phases of construction for mining and quarry operations. 
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses for the revision of FEMA floodplain maps when needed. 
  • Completion of civil designs to prepare construction drawings and specifications for mine operations and reclamation scenarios to restore disturbed areas to near-natural conditions.


  • Hydraulic calculations to analyze the ability of existing and proposed water supply pumps and pipelines to convey future design flows for power plants.  Includes completion of water balance calculations to develop design criteria for systems, hydraulic and water distribution calculations, design of plant piping, valves, manholes, and instrumentation, and hydraulic designs to allow plants to meet NPDES requirements. 
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic calculations for the development of ash landfill facilities including the design of add-on berm channels, spillways, downchutes, road-side channels, and stormwater ponds, including erosion protection measures.  Engineering analyses for ash ponds including preliminary grading plans and evaluation of pump and pipeline capabilities needed to service the ponds.
  • Preparation of design drawings for permitting and construction purposes and facilitation of plant operations with upgraded training manuals and operational procedures. 
  • Condition assessment of pump stations and underground pipelines, and recommendations for upgrades. Preparation of hydraulic calculations and construction documents for the installation of new infrastructure to improve water supply systems at power generation facilities.